Offering workshops, retreats, and online courses for individuals and businesses.  In 2015, I founded The Kauila Project around the ideas of change as a perpetual state and healing as a lifelong journey filled with limitless possibilities to define and reach for goals and experience a passion-centered life. To me, it's about finding the most productive and peaceful way to let go of what no longer serves and finding those "balance points" in a world that is constantly shifting around us.  As you explore these opportunities, you may be automatically directed to the The Kauila Project for details, scheduling, etc. 


for individuals

enrich and immerse in the spectacular beauty of your journey

Begin, evolve, and reach passion - and value-driven goals.  Participants have a unique opportunity to escape the noise and clutter of daily life, press the "pause" button, and listen to their heart and soul.  Dig deep into your soul, visualize your dreams, and create an intentional path to reach them. 


for businesses


expand and leverage organizational intelligence  

Challenge conventional wisdom and traditional thinking.  Be a thought leader - not follower - as you create collaborative, value-driven working environments. Dare to be a different company and leader - one that "gets it" - and appreciates the highest returns come from a culture that considers  and values each person from a place of compassion, respect, and equality.


for writers


encourage and support the creative genius that is you

Discover capacities to heal old wounds, dream new dreams, or travel into worlds that only your imagination can conjure. Writing is a method to safely and completely explore the entirety of your emotions and curiosity. Ignite the aspiring author within and delve into your  inner world.