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I started finding hearts in 2009, when I started the journey to find mine.  Each one seemed to arrive when I needed a reminder that love is all around us, and that we are all worthy, no matter how lost or alone we may feel. I know my experience is not unique, but it is very special, like my own version of "pennies from heaven." So, I thought I would create a little space in "cyberland" where I would share some of my treasures.

Why?   Maybe because I think we are barraged with a lot negative energy and messages, and this is my own small way to counter-balance. Maybe because I love the idea of love, and that the universe provides us constant reminders of its magic.  Maybe because it just seems like something fun to do and couldn't we all use a little time to play, laugh, and love.  OR... maybe... just in case there's someone out there who needs a reminder that love is attainable and we are all deserving and worthy of it.


I am sharing the pictures here and you can find the stories and follow me on Instagram at @theheartfinder...  Thank you!


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