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I write on a variety of business, personal, and life matters.  It's an honor and great privilege to have  my works published in various online publications and journals. Please click the link and to new window will open to display the work on the site where it's published.

Balboa Press

In 2016, I wrote a series of articles for Balboa Press sharing my experiences as a first-time author and transforming scribbles in a journal into fully published works available on Amazon (and other online retailers ;)) 

Writing the First Draft of Your Memoir  28 Jan 2016  Balboa Press

Let Go and Trust... Your Editor is NOT the Enemy 18 February 2016  Balboa Press

The Short Game 17 March 2016 Balboa Press

The Manuscript's Journey 28 April 2016 Balboa Press

Other Appearances

How to Meditate (A Beginner's View) 23 September 2016 The Wellness Universe

Practice Makes Perfect 11 September 2015 The Wellness Universe

Relationship Advice - Knowing When It's Time 9 August 2015 The Wellness Universe





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