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This is Nash... he is not quite two years old and has almost finished his certification training to become a therapy and emotional support dog. The first time I picked him up, he leaned into me and I felt his sweet, kind, and tender nature.  I sensed immediately that he might have a gift and wondered how to best undertake the rigorous training required for him to be in service. As I researched, I felt strongly that Nash's first year should be mostly about enjoying puppyhood. He's a playful bundle of silliness and joy.  I decided to let Nash tell me when (and if) he was ready to advance into service.

As he (slowly) matured and we worked through the basics of obedience training, the gentle soul behind all that puppy energy emerged. A  heart overflowing with love - he's happy for any opportunity he has to share it. When he was about a year old,  the path seemed clear.  It was time to let him live into one of his purposes. So we began the journey into therapy certification.

Nash is an active part of my trauma and grief recovery coaching practice. He is an amazing guide and has a special kind of gentle unconditional love and gift in making people feel safe, secure, and loved as they reach into the sometimes painful points along their journey to healing peace.

Nash also joins me  on stage during speaking engagements and book events. We routinely visit organizations and attend events where his presence provides a special kind of healing support and comfort. 

When we are not in service, Nash loves to hike and wander the trails or beach,  play ball with his friends at the park, and chase his cat Finnegan. He somehow finds a new way to make me laugh every day.  His "go-to" mode is still "play" - however - it's in the moments when he's quiet and snuggly that I love most. He's the light in my heart and his quiet flow of unconditional love makes it all worth it!