The Kauila Project

The Kauila Project  (pronounced cow èe lah) supports personal development, and provides coaching, publications, seminars/retreats, and motivational speaking.  Our core belief is rooted in the perspective of change as a perpetual state, and healing as an attainable goal within everyone’s reach. It’s about how we find balance in an environment that seems to constantly attempt to keep us off-kilter, how we find our soul’s voice amidst the noise and distractions around us.

The Kauila Project seeks to provide insight into the possibility that exists within each of us to shift our lives, and reach fully into our soul’s passion and purpose.  We believe our path to purpose and passion is in the process of letting go.  Change came from me, because of me, because the person that lived within me wanted to get somewhere in life.  I also was blessed along the way. I came to know some loving, guiding souls, who didn’t tell me what to do, but instead showed me what was possible. They kept a hand close by as I made choices and took my first tentative steps. Kauila will serve as that hand, for all those who reach for it. Our intention is not to lead or pull you along, rather, to walk with you as a “knowing” soul, and an open heart as you seek greater levels of insight, healing, growth, and enlightenment. 

Our approaches blend proven practices and methods, with experiential wisdom. Every journey is  individual, even if experienced in a group environment. Every experience includes opportunities to dig deep into your soul, visualize your dreams, and create an intentional path to your goals. 

The name Kauila comes from a Hawaiian legend about asea turtle born on the black sandy shores of the Big Island. She has a unique, dark and shiny shell, consistent with the Kauila tree, indigenous to the Islands, and so she was named. Kauila has unique and special gifts. Among them, she is able to leave her fresh water nest and take the form of a little girl. She guards and protects the children as they play on the beach, and keeps them from harm’s way.  Sometimes, she joins their play and acts much like a happy little girl might on a warm summer’s day. 

You meet two little girls that live within me in my first book, Untethered.  One is a fierce protector and the other a bubbly heart wanting to play.  One goal I had in writing the book, was to begin conversations, and reach into the more challenging points of life in a manner that promotes healing, and evolution within. When I learned the legend of Kauila, I realized the best the way to honor this journey and continue my intention to live into my purpose and passions.  I founded the Kauila Project to honor that special sea turtle, and the child that lives within all of us that seeks healing and peace.