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Kate is a published author, certified coach, seasoned business executive, and motivational speaker.  She founded the Kauila Project to  help individuals seeking greater depth, perspective, and balance as they define and reach value-driven goals.  Her work with individuals stems from the idea that life is about choices.  When life brings change or transition, it’s an opportunity to pause, ponder, and if necessary, determine how to best alter choice(s), allow life to open, and embrace possibility.

Her first book, Untethered, is a hybrid memoir / personal development story about how she let go of everything she needed to survive so that she could have the life she wanted to live.  Her second book, Becoming Kate, offers twelve lessons Kate needed to learn about life so she could have the life she wanted to live. 

Part of her coaching practice focuses on the “adult” children living abusive histories and how survival mechanisms manifest into addictive and/or co-dependent behaviors.  She speaks on the influence of these behaviors and draws upon her personal journey to understanding, acceptance, and peace.  

Kate blends proven concepts and methods, to help individuals travel into higher levels of understanding and awareness, untie the holds of pain and abuse, and experience deeper levels of release and peace.  She balances her business acumen with her spiritual foundations and knowledge of Eastern, Western, and Native American philosophies and traditions. Her goal is to bring a holistic, dimensional approach as she walks with individuals along their journey toward their goals and aspirations.

She brings thought provoking conversation to the corporate community regarding the roots of work addiction and its far reaching and often devastating impact to the organization.  She works with businesses seeking to create and sustain corporate cultures that value balance and wellness as a key driver to success.

She is a seasoned entrepreneur and has worked with companies of all size and scale as they navigate the complexities and challenges of growth and development.  She has particular expertise working with small businesses and business owners as they carve a path to exit and search for the "next" in their lives.  

Kate earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master in Business Administration from Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, Ohio.  She is a certified mediator and received her coaching certification from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, California.

She is an avid runner and hiker, and continues her practice in yoga.  When she’s not out on the trail or yoga mat, you’ll find her in the kitchen cooking, or maybe coloring.  Kate’s a curious adventurer in life with a pinch of gypsy to keep it interesting.  She considers the world her playground and has never met a swing she didn’t like


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