Kate's Business Experience

Kate is a seasoned entrepreneur with almost twenty-five years experience transforming ideas and strategies into tangible results. She has particular expertise with small businesses as they navigate the path to growth and exit. She has a broad range of expertise in revenue development, relationship management, and business operational strategies. Her practical, “cut to the chase” approach has enabled companies to accelerate growth, make decisions with greater confidence, reach goals faster, and positively impact return on investments.  

Kate founded a SaaS (software as a service) business delivering analytical services in a highly complex, competitive industry. She has worked with companies of all size and scale to articulate marketing, sales and site strategies utilizing emerging technologies. During her twelve-year tenure as CEO, the company experienced significant, consistent growth and return. She transitioned the revenue model from a professional fee based, to annuity-driven revenue model, and executed channel/partner development strategies to open additional, untapped revenue streams. She secured long-term relationships with national organizations such as Petco Animal Supplies, Panda Restaurant Group, Papa Murphy’s International, Mattress Firm, MetLife, and FleetBank (now Bank of America). The company experienced significant, consistent growth, and return, during her twelve year tenure as CEO. She directed the strategic consideration of various investment, acquisition, and financing options, and executed a successful exit in late 2012. 

Kate served as Principal at a strategic management consulting firm, serving the financial services industry. She participated as a senior contributor on all retail banking assignments, including merger and acquisition, marketing information technology, and distributed access strategies. In her role as Vice President of a global marketing organization, she constructed and supported an advisory group specializing in the development and implementation of unique and advanced technical solutions, to facilitate information management needs, and address complex distribution and sales management issues. 

Kate began her career at a super-regional commercial bank holding company, where she served as a member of an internal “SWOT” team structured to respond to various analytical, regulatory,and legal issues surrounding merger and acquisition, and integration efforts. She developed applications and models to support ongoing retention efforts related to site consolidation and divestiture, customer retention and profitability, direct marketing, response tracking, and primary research efforts.  

Kate earned MBA and BA degrees from Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, OH.  She received her coaching certification at the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, CA and is certified in Mediated Settlement Conferences.