about business advisory services

I have experience working with companies ranging from solo entrepreneurs to multi-billion dollar global enterprises. The common theme among clients, is the desire to address transformation as a productive, perpetual business practice, as opposed to a situational, singular event.  

A core component of my business practice supports small- and mid-sized organizations on the path to growth and/or exit. Business solutions blend coaching, consulting, and conflict resolution expertise to translate great ideas and intentions into realistic, attainable plans. To many, letting go or changing a business isn't just business, it's personal. It's more than a job, it's an identity.

For the business, we explore how the business has grown, explore feasible "future states", and craft realistic, attainable strategies.  We engage on a close, participative basis  to create comprehensive, holistic plans. Once the strategy is set, we work together to realize and attain the desired outcome(s). We work with teams, and individuals, depending on the unique circumstances. Conflict can be a natural part of change, particularly when change results in a rebalancing or extension of roles and responsibilities. We apply a proven mediating methodology, and help our clients work through conflict as a healthy opportunity for growth and learning. 

For the owner, our coaching work focuses on the individual journey, personal experience and growth as a result of the business and the possibility of a new road ahead. We create awareness of any potential “blind spots” that may impede forward motion. Part of our work may dive deeper into "detachment" from the business, as we shift the lens of perspective, broaden ideas and explore new avenues, and ramp up the "next" in your life. 


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